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TINDERBOX: Adric Giles, Clay Adamczyk, Edward Brandon Jr and Tom Maio@MOBIUS Fri Apr 25, 2014

Tom Maio

“Wait here” is the first performance in a series of work that focuses on the frustration that accompanies the act of waiting and that the outcome of what we wait for may not be what we wanted…

Adric Giles, Clay Adamczyk, Edward Brandon Jr

A collaboration of sight and sound, MONDO FIASCO has expanded its facilities from visual performance art into a capricious trio consisting of video projection and live instrumentation. We join Tinderbox at Mobius Gallery on April 25th with vibrant projections of abstract analog-video feedback corresponding to live experimental music - consisting of live drums, field recordings, and heavily manipulated human voice - an audio/visual experience based in spontaneity, repetition of shapes, and free-form music.


TINDERBOX: John Engstrom, John Slepian, Marsha Parrilla, Abigail Tatarian@MOBIUS Sat Apr 26, 2014

John Engstrom
Collage one etcetera (2014, 12 minutes) is a short film of collage constructions, assemblages and photographs that comment in an ironic and humorous way on history and culture.

John Slepian
“A Really Great Idea”
(Materials: hacked brain wave sensor toy, wooden chair, shelf with lightbulb, various electronics, artist thinking)

“A Really Great Idea” is a humorous conceptual performance/installation work, inspired by early Conceptual Art, that literally makes the thinking of the artist visible. In form, it refers to much of the highly influential performance and video work of the mid-1960s-1970s in which simple actions undertaken by the artists were structured in order to make a piece (Bruce Nauman, Marina Abromović and Ulay, Tehching Hsieh) and/or the idea alone was the piece (Lawrence Weiner, Yoko Ono). How would, or could, work like this function in our age of instant technological gratification? “A Really Great Idea” is an absurdist proposal for a contemporary technological “art of ideas.

Marsha Parrilla
A Chair. Roses. A Stopwatch.
I am interested in slowing down. Everything I do is fast. I have an infant who crawls and pretty soon will walk. I never stop moving. I move even in my sleep. My arms are in constant flex, and isometric contractions. My movements -once smooth and sexy, are now jerky and repetitive.
A chair to provide stability to my life. To challenge myself with it. Will it provide chaos?
Roses that remind me of the beauty of life. They remind me that beauty fades. They remind me that scents are worth sniffing. Their presence reminds me of who I am. Their fragility remind me of life. Their aroma awaken my senses.
Stop Watch.
Time. Time runs. Time stops. Who controls time? Are we really controlling time? How do I manipulate time? Do we even think about time anymore, or are we always trying to "save it"? What for?

Abigail Tatarian 
When a nervous body willfully becomes visible to an audience, it shivers reflexively in the act of self-betrayal.  As an emerging artist and an emerging adult, I am simultaneously compelled forward to meet the world and repulsed at the necessity of being seen. Emerging addresses the vulnerability of being and becoming a social actor.