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If to Drift Wed Aug 13, 2014

If To Drift 2014 

  • Marilyn Arsem (USA)
  • Sandra Johnston (UK)
  • Alastair MacLennan (N. Ireland)
  • Joanne Rice (USA)
  • Sandrine Schaefer (USA)
  • Tony Schwensen (Australia/USA)

This year will be the third iteration of “If To Drift,’’ a week-long residency project with six artists on the coast of Maine.

The artists spend a week together, examining the nature of their performance practices, aspects of durational performance, and the notion of human scale and every day actions in art work.

The residency is structured so that each artist is responsible for designing a day of performance activities for the entire group.  The artists also select a site for the work.  Locations of the artists’ activities in the past have included forests, an 18th century meeting house, a stony shorefront, a reconstructed Colonial fort, and a salt pond.  Each evening the group has a discussion about the day’s work.  This year the group will also work on assembling writing about their processes, as well as responses to the events devised each day by the other artists, with the intention of publishing the material. 

At Mobius on Wednesday, August 13 at 7 pm the artists will talk about the project, show images, and if possible demonstrate some of the work that they did.

Previous participants have also included Bob Raymond (USA), Natalie Loveless (Canada) and Lee Hassell (UK).

Body Language: an interactive installation exploring the impact of trauma Sat Sep 13, 2014 - Sun Sep 14, 2014

Body Language:
an interactive installation exploring the impact of trauma

Using art, science and poetry, you are invited to consider how trauma speaks to, through and with the body. Consider how it changes, shapes and "stains" the brain as well as try out methods for working with trauma-related symptoms.

Margaret Bellafiore
is an Mobius Artist Group member
and writer Christine Cissy White
are collaborating on the piece.

White's writing can be viewed at