TINDERBOX: Erick Montgomery, Matt Samolis, Steve Norton, Lori Esposito, and Duane McDiarmid @MOBIUS

Modern Hieroglyphs:
A Sci- Fi Fantasy Animation Film

  • Orbot 107 
  • Ogdol (The Navigator Vehicle)
  • Zrenlor (The Alchemist)
  • and Sky Mariner.

For them and countless other inhabitants of the Hydrasolara Galaxy, lifeʼs
source is sustained by light. Essential elements of the light rays are rapidly
deteriorating. Orbot 107 must determine whatʼs causing the decaying light before
Hydrasolara is propelled into extinction. 

Produced / Directed / Animated: Erick Montgomery
Original Soundtrack: CyberHum

Choreography of Objects
Lori Esposito, Duane McDiarmid

The artist team, Lori and Duane, will host a performance using the neurological and cross sensorial phenomenon of synaesthesia as a metaphor for individual experience. After a brief introduction and demonstration participants will be asked to conjure up words. One word will be selected for authoring a unique combination of props, translating oral language to visual and tactile language. The artists will invite volunteers from the audience to fulfill the number of participants needed to perform each letter in the selected word. Participants can refer to cue cards accompanying each sculpture to inspire gestural possibilities. The performance will be concluded by a cacophony of absurdist gestures in multi-colors as expressions of audience originated text.
Our Project Blog (videos and photos of performances)
Website for initial performance in Germany, March 2012

Endguys Artist Statement 
Lifelong collaborators Steve Norton and Matt Samolis’ latest project, Endguys, sounds louder than cameras and goes great with beer (other prominent elements in their repertory). Exhaustive knowledge of their respective instruments and a communal approach to the material are the foundation, supporting an exhibit of uncanny coherence in the genre of free improvisation. 

  • “If you see something, take something.” – DailyGrace, Internet personality “I’m so glad my slashing of the NEA budget means we are not funding worthless shit like these Endguys any more.” – Jesse Helms, former U.S. Senator 
  • “Dudes, can I sit in on wheelbarrow?” – ARKM Foam, free improviser “I thought a cat was being murdered!” – Anonymous 

Our current performance piece consists of short duo compositions which interweave and open up into extended improvisational sections, as part of the Tinderbox performance on Saturday April 13. We have composed and arranged several very short contemporary, atonal works to serve as the figurative tinderbox for coherent, spirited improvisations that evolve and seamlessly lead to the next composition. Our instrumentation is Steve Norton: soprano sax, contralto + bass clarinets; and Matt Samolis: flute. 

Sat Apr 13, 2013

Saturday, April 13 at 7PM

$10 Donation, $5 Students, and Friends of Mobius

@ Mobius
55 Norfolk Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Modern Hieroglyphs is currently reaching audiences through film festivals, art gallery installations featuring the limited edition digital film stills / screenings throughout the US and Canada. Worldwide screenings are being planned.

Film Screening Duration @ The Mobius Tinderbox Series April 13: 40 Minutes

Upcoming Feature Length Release Duration: 60 Minutes, Available soon on Blu-Ray

Produced / Directed / Animated: Erick Montgomery
Original Soundtrack: CyberHum