How to make a Scary Headband

To make a scary headband you will need:

  • thin cardboard
  • printed copy of the picture below
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • glue

Step 1:  Measure
measure your head at the largest point
just above the eyebrow

Step 2:  Cutting
cut cardboard 2" longer than your head and 1and1/2" tall
cut several strips and glue together to get correct length
try to cut straight

Step 3:  Wait
wait for the glue to dry

Step 4:  Cut
cut the scary headband picture to fit on the thin cardboard

Step 5:  Glue
Glue your scary picture to the thin cardboard

Step 6:  Wait
wait for the glue to dry.
Your scary headband is almost done.

Step 7:  Glue
overlap and glue the ends together

Step 8:  Test
test the fit and adjust

Step 9: Wait
wait for the glue to dry

Step 10:  Wear
wear your scary headband.

Have fun.
Send me a pic.