Cathy Nolan Vincevic

Director of the Gordon-Nash Library in New Hampton, N.H. Ms. Vincevic is also a painter, collage creator, curator, writer, and performance artist, Ms. Vincevic has been a member of Mobius since 1994. She has performed in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Staten Island, NYC in the Lumen Festival and has also been seen at the Fountain Festival in NYC, MuBE, in Brazil, Skop Skoleto, in Skopje, Macedonia, Zadar, Croatia, the Convergence Festival in Providence, Rhode Island, A Book About Death (international mail art), The Body (online blog) as well as many other locations. Her performance work includes solo and collaborative pieces. Her memoir, The Tiki Room, was published in 2008. She has a B. A. from Vermont College and an M.A. from Goddard College where she studied writing and refugee issues.